Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has come to Leetonia

Today brings deer to the front yard and the first ROBIN a certain sign of Spring. I guess the groundhog was correct on an early spring, although March started very cold we have now turned to a delightful 50-60 degrees. The creek is running full of snow melt and the birds are singing proudly.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Powerless Animals "The Yahbut Strikes" by Paula Martin

Much has been written about power animals and how they reflect our inner spiritual, emotional, and earthly talents. But little has been written about the powerless animals. I have taken on this task as a sort of Spiritual Pest Control. All powerless animals are toxic and they should not be feed and nutured. Powerless animals thrive off of your energy and potential. Recognize them and live full of the power and life you where created to have. I start this blog with a seeming small and benign creature called the Yahbut. Don't let it's cute name fool you it is not a pet it is a life sucker. To say its name is to empower it. After reading this destroy all evidence of its existance from you life and never, never say its name outloud!

The Yahbut is half-rabbit, half-donkey. It is a stubborn animal that changes every positive solution into a negative one. Yahbuts run a zigzag pattern making it hard for the average person to catch up with them. They often appear larger than they really are. Yahbuts are adaptable to city and country environments. They multiply rapidly.

If this is your powerless animal it will appear when you are most likely to succeed. Yahbuts thrive on succed(a plant rich in ideas and hope). It makes them stronger. They are usually the size of rabbits ..but with the right environment they have been know to mutate as large as their donkey half.

Keynote: Dream Eater
Copywrited by Camp Eaglebear

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ice Mountain

The roads are not pleasant today in Leetonia. We are cabin bound until the 2-3 inches of ice melts. It looks like glass on the roads. Roads that tilt precariously toward the drop-off to the creek. Yesterday I bounced off a bridge during freezing rain and with more rain/wintery mix scheduled for today...I am not anxious to attempt another death defying trip. No one will come to our rescue here if we are hurt or injured. No one drives the roads until they are better which could be days, weeks or months. The rain is supposed to turn to snow...which will roughen up the ice and make it more navigatible. Only time will tell. I have so much work to do and no way to get to it without walking at least 1.5 mile in cleated boots. It is times like these being isolated from the plowed, salted roads is a burden that hardly seems worth bearing.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


January is the time of year we hibernate. The two menopausal mountain girls living 7 miles from the nearest plowed road. Our dog Jack parks himself on the snowmobile and wears a humilating dog jacket given to him as a Christmas present. No self-respecting pit-bull would be caught dead wearing this and yet his owners blog him to the world how humilating.

Living with nature requires a different attitude one that flows with the weather. During summer its work, work, work 70+ hours a week, cutting firewood, doing construction, painting, plumbing, electrical whatever the seasonal people need done we can make money at. In the winter most of them leave and we welcome the slower pace of 4-5 hour days. Not going anywhere in a hurry when it can take 4 hours to go 6 miles...we stay home.

We live in a NO CELL PHONE AREA...20k dial up connection and are glad to have that. It wasn't until 2002 that our house even had a phone...ever. Not a life for everyone but one that makes us happy. Far from the city. A traffic jam is meeting one other person on the road or a slow porqupine. Well this is my first I am keeping it short...